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ASSEMBLE COMPUTER AMD A4 6300 | komputer

what will I write it just was a reference or material for consideration
guys who want to assemble a computer that is cheap but with good spec.


This is the most important component in a computer,
if humans have a brain, the processor is the brain of a computer.
why I recommend because of cheap a4 amd also have the
or graphics on board inside, if you do not have much money to buy a vga
you can still play the game with a fairly good quality
and when you already have more money you can buy additional vga to further optimize your pc.

if the processor is the brain then your motherboard can be described as the body of a computer,
on this motherboard guys later it will pair the other components such as the processor, RAM, hard drives, etc.
choose a motherboard also can not be arbitrary, for example, you use amd a4 processor 6300 then
you have to buy a processor with A4 amd processor socket is FM2, for the brand’s up to you
just adjust the buget do you have

The short ram is a temporary storage place orders before your order is executed or in the working computer.
most processors currently have 2 ram slots, then make sure you choose to buy a ram as much as 2 seed with the same capabilities.
if you use the processors buy amd a4 remember DDR3 ram, because of its motherboards typically use this type of DDR3 RAM.
brand does not really matter which is important and speed is the same size so as not limp side,
eg you buy 2gb ram with 10600 speed, then buy two pieces so his total is 4gb, …

hard drive
surely you know with this one component, the hard drive storage.
buy a hard drive that fits the needs of you, the bigger the hard drive of course the price will be more expensive.

power supply
his name is also of course the power supply works as a supplier of electricity flow to your computer,
if you want you can buy a more efficient pc casing which is equipped with a power supply.
lah chose wisely

The casing such as clothes, the better the clothes that you wear more handsome guys.
note the ventilation and cooling of the casing would you buy so that the heat generated from the pc can
sufficient cooling.

if you want to play games with high graphics certainly worth buying vga but if not you can still play the game anyway, with amd

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