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build a computer for money less than $170

i will share the following tips that may be useful for friends who want to have a computer / pc with cheap price.
the same as I do

1. purchasing the components individually
 The first and most important thing to you can do to reduce the cost of purchasing a computer / pc is to assemble your own computer, in comparison right to buy a computer or pc build up artificial stores
there are a few to the advantages that we can get from buying computer components themselves.
among them is that we can choose a component that we want to buy from the brand, specifications, and prices.
of course adjust to buged we have. wise in choosing and buying

2. raft own computer
besides cheap, by assembling your own computer we will get knowledge from our experiences.
which is of course very useful.
do not be afraid if you can not or never assemble his own computer, because now a lot of places you learn, you can open from websites by google or viewed video on youtube, which you need only diligent study.
do not be ashamed to ask the people / friends who understand.

3. install your own computer
install a computer is not as difficult as we think the key is only read during the installation, the English language is but do not worry about the language used during installation is a basic English language that you will easily understand without opening the dictionary. : D

The following is an example of spec computers I use at this time of no more than $170

proseor amd a4 6300 socket FM2 APU
ECS mobo essential a58ff2p-m4
spc casing sx11rd
2GB DDR3 ram vgen
160 gb hard drive seagete

please comment if anyone wanted to ask insyaalaah I will help as much as me: D

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