computer or laptop often restart itself and how to fix it

many factors that may be the cause of the computer or PC often die alone or restarts itself,
I will give some of the reasons that led to the computer or pc often die alone or restart itself

computer or laptop often restart itself and how to fix it - komputer

1. Operating system error or broken

damage in the operating system, is common because there is a file or program that is damaged or missing.
the loss of a program or file in the operating system can be caused by influence many things one of which is

do not turn off the computer with the appropriate procedures, in addition to damage the hard drive and other computer components, turn off the computer forcibly certainly can damage the operating system.

how to fix :
the simplest way that you should do if your computer or laptop is often restart itself with re-installing the operating system.

2. The processor cooling fan is dirty, damaged or weak:
The second cause if your computer or laptop is often restart itself on the processor cooling fan is damaged, dirty or weak.
the processor is the core of a computer, when the computer is working on processor components will be hot, and the duty of the fan that cools the processor heat. if the processor cooling fan is damaged or weak absorption of heat in the processor will not setabil and processor overheating (overheating) that causes the processor die or restart.

how to fix :
open your computer and clean the fan when dirty or dusty.
ask your computer mechanics if the fan is in trouble or not working properly.
You can replace your fan when the fan was broken.

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3. Dry heat sink:
computer or laptop often restart itself can also be caused by cooling pasta is between the fan and your processor dry.
if the pasta dry coolers cold in Hantarkan by a fan you will not be absorbed properly into the processor.

how to fix :
open your processor fan and clean the former pasta that has been dried and then assign a new pasta.

4. ic your processor is weak
This is the most severe damage that causes the computer or laptop is often restart itself.
ic weak processors caused by overuse.
as well as the age of the old processor.

how to fix :
you can change your computer’s processor.

thanks i hope this article helpful.
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