18 Februari 2016

very hard to accept google adsense

very hard to accept google adsense
why I wrote the difficulty accepted google adsense

very hard to accept google adsense - blog

because this is my own experience that I have, many times my application was rejected by the google adsense.
even now.

before going any further it’s good we first became acquainted with, what is google adsense ??

Google Adsense is the affiliate program for Internet businesses are very popular in the online world today.
Everyone can participate be an advertiser for google on condition easily and quickly, simply by placing Google ads on their sites.
With the method of commission pay per click (PPC), which every visitor to our blog who are interested in advertising google and clicking the fish is then automatically we will get a commission.

paid in the offer google parties also do not play play, could be around IDR 600 to tens of thousands depending on the policy of google and other aspects mempengarusi.
by one person clicking the ad on our website, in addition to making money from google method is much more simple and very straightforward, unlike other affiilasi, which requires us to sell something new to get a commission.

then what is the biggest challenge ???

The biggest challenge was

how so that we are accepted by adsense.
because the elite company as large as Google AdSense and may not carelessly accept any proposal that goes.
Therefore one of the challenges for the beginner blogger like me.
they select it ketap there who want to apply for their publisher.
A simple example is me, I repeatedly rejected by the google, but fortunately I was not discouraged.
even until the time I write this article this morning I still apply to google adsense.

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how to order me not to give up, when my application was rejected many times by adsense?

one secret to not stop writing even though many times was disappointed because it was rejected by adsense which is to make blogging and posting itself as a hobby.
to be honest I was hoping to be received by google adsense but even if there was no google adsense surely I will also continue to write articles, and happy to post and distribute it.
because basically write his own is my hobby.

I think so I can share, I hope you do not give up and keep trying until his application is received by google adsense
hopefully this article useful, please comment if you feel the experience with how I feel.

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