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blog statistics dropped dramatically when not post a new article or are not online

blog statistics dropped dramatically when not post a new article or are not online

there may be bloggers think of a reason why the statistical blog or website that we have suddenly dropped dramatically when we’re not post a new article or are not online.
This is one problem I’ve experienced since the beginning I learned to create a website or blog,
at first I ignored and considered this problem may just be a coincidence but as we get finally experience this problem finally made me curious.
How these events do not continue to recur blog statistics dropped dramatically when you’re offline or do not post.

And finally I decided to learn, after finding out fro I finally found some reasons that might be
logical reasons that may make the statistics blog down when we’re offline blogging.

1. The first is probably the most ridiculous reason, because we do not turn off tracking Fiture own page.

In his own blog, there is a feature to “track impressions of our own.”
If we turn this feature certainly any activities we do in the blog either edit the article, read the post and others it would be tracked and counted as a visitor.
Yet when we are in the good blogs that write articles or simply edit the look is definitely very much we clicked home, the layout and others and all that counted.
So when we are offline obviously just the statistics down because there are no visitors see our blog.

soo funny : D

2. The next reason is because most of our blog visitors are new visitors,
This is another problem that causes our blog statistics dropped dramatically when we are inactive. New visitors usually arrive when we create a new article, Sedangka long visitors are the people who liked our writing and back again to the blog that we created.
The fix is ​​to create more and better articles useful articles which we will of course make more people visit our blog.

3. Does not provide menu subcribe
Subscribe for updates button on the Blog, including a very important component because from here the reader can subscribe to what we write and we share.
So make good Subcribe button so readers can easily go back to our blog.

Maybe earlier is some reason that I can give about my article titled blog stats down when not nge blog. Hopefully, what I wrote was helpful.

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